Are YOU stressed out Mommy?


Yesterday, I was scrolling down in a couple of local mom groups and I could not believe what I was seeing (or maybe I could). A lot of posts were moms bitching and moaning about their daily struggles and everything on their plate– in other words…STRESS!

So then, last night I was flipping through Netflix and came across the documentary, Stress: the silent killer. I decided to watch it and found it interesting. It showed how one nuerobiologist studied a tribe of baboons in Africa for over a decade and how stress affected the entire tribe. It seemed as though the dominate,aggressive males brought much of the stress to the entire community.

When the dominate males were around,fights would break out and other baboons cortisol (stress) levels would go up. Then something remarkable happened. The monkeys were plagued with tuberculosis. However, only the dominate males died but the rest survived (interesting). After these monkeys had passed, the rest of the community came together… they united in a peaceful way. The other male monkeys were calmer and less stressed and helped their female counterparts. They all started taking care of each other. He took blood samples from some of them and noticed their blood pressure came down, the cortisol levels were lower and they seemed calmer. If another male monkey joined this community from another tribe, it usually took about 6 months for him to succumb to the rest, as they showed him it was calm and peaceful community.

The study also showed how moms who get together on a weekly, monthly basis release some of their built up stress. When they support and empower one other their blood pressure and cortisol levels came way down.

Nevertheless, I concluded is when one stays in constant stress, your body releases cortisol on a continuing basis. This leads to all sorts of physical symptoms and dis-eases and we get tired, runned-down and burnt out. However, when we are in a supported, loving and nurturing environment our blood pressure lowers, cortisol levels go down and we are able to access our parasympathetic nervous system which allows our bodies to recover and heal. In other words, a harmonic balance in which we all strive to achieve in today’s world.

So, I leave you with this… Where are you living TODAY? are you open to receiving that loving, nurturing support from your spouse, family, friends -OR- are you closed off living in constant stress wondering how you are going to get through the day because you are totally drained and exhausted?

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and make some much needed changes in your life, get with a bunch of girlfriends once a week/month in person, Hire a coach who can provide you with tips and strategies to help you move forward and make your life better and definitely schedule in some ME time.

In the end, my kids always remind and motivate me to make the right choices. I ask myself, do they want stressed-out, yelling mommy? is that the example I want to set? or do they deserve a calmer, peaceful role model? .. We all have choices in how we live.. the career we chose, our relationships, and the environment we choose to live in. YOU get to choose, so choose wisely-for you, your health and your family.

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