I have the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing clients, with whom I learn from as well. Here is what my clients are saying:

“A few months ago I had a falling out with my sister. I saw that Jodi was a life coach and I decided to connect with her around this topic. I was in a lot of pain and I didn’t know what to do with it all. We spoke on the phone and I felt like I could immediately open up to her and felt like she heard me and that I could trust her. One thing she said to me that was so powerful, that I have found myself repeating to others, is ‘you hold the pen, She doesn’t. You get to rewrite your story. You don’t have to hold onto that old story of yours.’ I went out the next day with a new perspective. Those words gave me power. I found a great fat big pink pen with feathers on the top, and bought a new journal, and I started rewriting my story. I have since healed things with my sister and I no longer hold that same resentment I used to with her, because I know now, and because of the work I did with Jodi, that it holds no purpose and only causes suffering for both of us. I am grateful I decided to connect with Jodi that day. Her words still sit with me and help me to this day.”

~Karen, NC

“Speaking with Jodi has definitely been beneficial for me. She helped me to identify what goals were most important and she provided guidance on some basic strategies to achieve those goals. She also helped me realize that to be the best Mom that I can be, I need to take some “Me” time. Using the advice she gave, I have already taken steps towards achieving my goals.”

~ Michelle in NY

Jodi couldn’t have walked into my life at a better time! I had just lost my job of ten years and I felt like I was getting hit from every angle imaginable! She taught me how to be positive when I certainly was not, she taught me to open my eyes and to be thankful for the important things and she taught me to find the good in everything! Most importantly, she taught me that there is a reason for everything and she was right! If it wasn’t for her…..I’d still be feeling sorry for myself and stuck in a negative mindset! Better doors have since opened for me and thanks to her I will take the skills that she taught me and apply them to all aspects of my life….not just when I’m down! I, studying to be a nutrition counselor, never took my emotional health seriously but it’s intertwined with each other! Thank you Jodi :-)

~ Danielle, NY

I contacted Jodi because I was stuck in a rut and she was so easy to talk to, like I knew her for years. I thank god she opened my eyes to all the fabulous things that lay right in front of me. I was able to transition from my FT job to my new job, which I am so much happier now. If you need a coach to help you through any challenge, I whole-heartedly recommend Jodi.

~ Alison, FL

Jodi is an incredibly nice, smart and caring person who loves to listen and talk to people and most importantly help them overcome any obstacles they may face. She made it very clear to me from day one what the difference is between a therapist and a life coach which was educational for me. She really seems to have a passion for what she does and uses her own life ups and downs to try and relate to you. She makes sure that you walk away from each call with specific tasks and objectives that require work on the client’s part. She also pushes you to think outside of the box you are stuck in and try to see things from different perspectives which is sometimes very hard to do.I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.

~ Monica, NY

WOW! you were so right and nailed it!! thank you so much for making me see things from a different perspective. I am looking forward to building my new future. thank you.

~ Sara, CO

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