WHY aren’t you starting now?

There are a million reasons or excuses we come up with as to why we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing. Things such as “I am so busy, I don’t have enough time?” are spoken frequently these days. This isn’t to sayRead the Rest…

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People-pleasing is bad for your health……….. 5 ways to stop!


As a woman, mom, wife, friend, daughter, business-owner and someone juggling all the balls in the air with the endless to-do lists, the one thing that I use to think was “is everyone happy by my efforts?” You see, I am a recovering people-pleaser and wasRead the Rest…

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Giving is AWESOME for the heart!


Every year I get photo cards done of my two kids and send them out to close friends and family for the holidays. In years past, I really enjoyed doing this. However, the cost accrued and time spent with making the cards, labeling and sending themRead the Rest…

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Are YOU stressed out Mommy?


Yesterday, I was scrolling down in a couple of local mom groups and I could not believe what I was seeing (or maybe I could). A lot of posts were moms bitching and moaning about their daily struggles and everything on their plate– in other words…STRESS!Read the Rest…

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